Q: the etm on 2001 Volvo S60

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my volvo s60 t s had an erratic idle took it to volvo dealer and he diagnosed low air flow and he cleaned the etm its running great now but he said that if the fault returns it might need a new etm but how can that be when its running great with the clean surely if it was a faulty etm cleaning it would not solve the issue and would low air flow cause an erratic idle can any one help thanks
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Air flow meters are a problem with a lot of different cars. Cleaning them is often a temporary cure but if cleaning helped you know you are going the right direction diagnostically. Looking at air flow meter value before and after cleaning is useful to compare how drastically the readings chanced. Only clean with an approved chemical or you WILL kill the sensor.
hi there it was the electronic throttle module that was cleaned i was also wondering if low air flow would cause an erratic idle is cleaning the throttle a long term fix thanks for your help
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Volvo has a problem with their ETM's so much that the warranrt on this part has been extended to 10 yrs or 100,000 miles. I suggest you take the car back to the dealer and complain of a surging idle, this would be your second as the cleaning was the first, making you eligible for the warranty, as long as your miles are not over 100,000. Good luck