Q: The engine swings but does not start on 1995 Toyota Corolla

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.I would appreciate any ideas to solve this problem At first it did not swing.I found the 30A fuse next to the battery was blown,I replaced this then it began to swing but still would not start.The battery light on the dashboard does NOT come on at all.The car was perfect before this.Someone said there was no power coming to the distributor.I put an old sparkplug at the end of a plug wire,and found there was no spark.I would appreciate any ideas to solve this problem.Thanks
(3) Answers
Did you find the original cause of the blown 30 amp fuse? That might be helpful with thorough diagnosis.As pushrod said , check ALL fuses (there may be more than one fusebox location- underhood and under dash).
You may need this ALLSCANNER to check problem. ALLSCANNER TOYOTA ITS3 Tool support 1995 Toyota Corolla, without Bluetooth Version is the latest automotive diagnostic tool. It was designed by the new international standard, it can identify different vehicles intelligently.
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