Q: the engine in my ranger stalls immediately after starting. on 1994 Ford Ranger

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it does this only after i drive it for a while, then shut it off and let it sit for a few minutes. when i turn the key, it starts, the shakes and shudders, then stalls. the only way i can fix this when it happens is to rev the engine up to keep it running, then put it in gear and drive away. when i do this, the engine runs fine for the rest of the time i'm driving. i tried fuel injector cleaner but it did not help at all.
(2) Answers
Possibly leaky fuel injectors cuasing a 'flooded' condition. When you go to start it , when it's hot next time, try holding the gas pedal to the floor and holding it there while you crank it (this will shut off the injectors allowing it to help 'clear' the cylinders of excess fuel). If that helps it start then let whoever you have work on it , know these things , that will help lead them in the right direction. If you are doing it yourself you'll need a fuel pressure tester to do some of the diagnosis properly. Good luck.
You will need to have it properly diagnosed. There are hundreds of things that could cause this problem. Without the right tools or experience you will be throwing good money after bad. Please seek a diagnosis.