Q: The dealer wants $1,361 to repair the L/H axle seal, both control arms & battery on 2005 Nissan Murano

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Their additional recommendations are pwer steering service $139, transmission fluid service $300, engine air filter 30, incabin micro filter $90. Any suggestions on reducing cost to repair?
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Get references for an independent shop that will use Nissan parts and have the maint. done there. Learn how to change engine and cabin filters yourself(IF you are so inclined , as they are generally pretty easy). Skip the power steering 'service' if it in any way involves the word 'flush' (for that matter , my opinion is skip anything that uses the word 'flush'). Keep ATF fluid factory. Just suggestions. I am VERY biased towards using OEM parts , work at a dealership , but ANYTIME it would benefit the owner , I prefer to see independents get the work.
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