Q: The car simply lost a majority of power at once. on 2002 Saturn SL2

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Cylinders 2 & 3 have no spark. Replaced coil pak for those cylinders same symptoms. Swapped out coil paks and the old one would fire on 1 & 4 but neither the new or the old would fire 2 & 3. Could the ICM cause failure to just one coil pak and not the other? I thought a wire kit would be wise, but for two to fail at once seems odd. Any suggestions?
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Sounds like it a module issue or a wiring issue. You would have to have access to the wiring diagrams to check the wiring first to figure it out. If you want us to check this out call 313-562-7022 or schedule an appointment on line at I am sure we can diagnose it and give you the answer you need.
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