Q: the car shuts down while driving without warning on 1999 Plymouth Breeze

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the car just stops while your driving . we checked the remote starter ,replaced the fuel filter, replaced the crank shaft sensor,swapped out shutdown relay and fuel pump relay there is no diagnostic codes when car shuts down there is 0 fuel pressure you have to hit feultank to start. its shutting down without warning and is happening more often
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You said it yourself- "There is 0 fuel pressure on shutdown (notates bad fuel pump) and you have to bang on the fuel tank (where the fuel pump is!) to get the car started."
Five mechanics? Are you sure it wasn't the same guy 5 times?
i had five mechanics look at this car and they don't know if it's the fuel pump or the computer. so you feel it's definitly the fuel pump? i want to be sure before i put any more money into this car.
have the igniton module replaced or replace it yourself. owners manual will show where its located at or check on bing or google
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