Q: The car "light" on my instrument cluster is on with the 2 rear lights showing? on 2001 BMW 325Ci

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the car light on the dash is always on bc there is not an actuator in the drivers side, but today the little brake lights came on behind the little car "light" and the car's temp is dropping in the mornings and I am putting about 3-4 hundred dollars a month into this care for repairs since I bought in in May of 2011. I don't know whats going on.
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When it comes to the light indicators, check the obvious- the rear taillamp/brake light bulbs. Some vehicles' temp gauge readings can be very sensitive to temperature changes after initial engine warm up after the thermostat opens. If you start to notice interior heat loss from the heater, a problem could be brewing.
As far as your monetary losses in regards to repairs, it sounds like you've bought a vehicle that was poorly maintained, and now you have to pay for that lack of maintenance.