Q: the car drops out of overdrive when OD is on shifts fine gears123 with OD off on 2000 Hyundai Elantra

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the car is a 2000 model GLS Mint conditon has 87000 miles and works great for a around town car but drops out of overdrive when its on push button to turn off and it works great just cant go over 53 miles an hour or it over revs up too 3500RPM no check engine lights no other issues but overdrive
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it sounds like its having trouble going into lock-up. could be a lock-up solenoid issue. have a good trans man drive car with scanner while looking at live data,that should detect the problem
Thank you so much is there a name for that part i will get it replaced I dont know any good trans guys my only option is ammaco or webbs in fort walton beach florida
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