Q: The battery will drain after 2 or 3 days if the car is not driven. Battery is fine; it has been checked by two different establishments. Nothing is left on (vanity mirror lights, trunk lights, etc). on 2004 Volvo C70

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When the last guy checked the battery, he burned his thumb. He said the battery terminal should not be that hot. He recommended cleaning the terminals and posts. I also found an article on the web that indicated there was a problem with the positive crimp on some Volvo models, which would cause the battery to drain and the terminal to get hot. Could this be the problem with my car, or could there be a different problem.
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I had this same exact problem. Bring it to the dealer if you're still having the problem. My C70 ended up needing a software upgrade. Something about the satellite radio module trying to find a signal. I don't even have the subscription active but the car probably uses the same system for the navigation. In any case, I just left the car for a whole week and it started up no problem when I got back.
I know you posted a while back, but the drivers side sunvisor lights are infamous for staying on.
Even when closed, you just can't see the light on.
This will drain your battery.
It's suggested to disconnect the light.