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Q: The back of my Buick Rainier has sunk and is resting on the rear tires. on 2004 Buick Rainier

I'm told it will cost approximately $700 to get shocks repaired. However, a friend tells me this is totally wrong and it will cost $700 for some type of hydraulic air lift? Please help. I'm told it will cost approximately $700 to get shocks repaired.
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Im having the same problem. One day everything was fine and the next i notice my rear end sitting on the rear tires! Is this problem covered under the warrenty?
that happened to us was the suspension motor that needed had a slow leak, and as long as the car was on the compressor would pump it up, but when the car sat over night, it would leak and in the morning the back end of my buick would be very low to the ground
I actually had the same problem. Its not the shocks. First, check the air suspension fuse under the hood. I'm guessing it needs to be replaced. If the fuse is good that means you have a leak in the pressurized air bags which keep the car suspended or the compressor itself is not functioning. The air compressor is supposed to fill the air bags up when the leveling system detects an imbalance which raises the rear of the car. Some have opted to replace the air ride with traditional springs.
We have been battling with this issue for many weeks. We checked the fuse, replaced it - but it kept blowing. The rear end of the car was riding on the tires so we put coil springs in it just to lift it up off the tires and now we are having problems with the AWD locking. We are not sure what to try next? Is there anyway to blow up the air bags in the suspension manually and leave them up? I am wondering if having the rear sag is causing more issues with the AWD?
I had this happen. The problem was broken power leads that run UNDER the car. Might have been eaten by mice. The compressor is supposedly very reliable, and few are ever replaced.
On vehicles equipped with rear air springs, the air compressor may fail causing the rear suspension to sag.and I found a compressor here for $368.00 plus shipping but make sure this part is needed before ordering
Go to to order new air springs with free two day delivery at about 224.00,take them to Pep Boys who will install them for 220.00. This is not a guaranteed fix,it could be the lines or the pump and control itself.
Good luck with your problem, the air pump itself is 465.00. The whole operation can be done in your driveway with the help of one or two utube videos that show how EZ it is.
i also own a 2004 buick rainer cxl( 88,500 miles not even broken in yet) 100,000 miles is the break in period im told !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! front power stering return line replaced for $1200 at dealership, dasboard took a walk in '06 and they replace it free. my rear air springs stay up for days in warm weather, come anything 30 degree's and colder the back drop's or the rear air springs drop i have to start engine it may the rear stay up for 2-4 days or it will drop in 20-30 minutes when it drops it bounces like roller-coaster!!!!!!!!!!! u have to pull,over and turn it off u cannot drive it IMPOSIBLE the back hopp's up and down so bad the back scrapes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i just recently now even restarting it, it goes up 1/2 way !!!! i started taking positive battery cable off for a minute and put it back on! compressor comes on and same things repeats!!!!!!! it can stay up for 2-4 days or drop 20-30 minutes while driving, fuse recently blew (BLUE 30 AMP FUSE) I REPLACED IT COMPRESSOR SOUNDS ALOT STRONGER, BUT SAME THING HAPPENS, THeN IT WILL COME ON AUTOMATICALLY NOW SINCE I CAHANGE (BLUE 30 AMP FUSE) AND IT GOES UP IN 2 MINUTES OR LESS BEFORE CHANGING FUSE IT WOULD TAKE AT LEST 5 MUINUTES TO COME UP , its ridiciluius and (SUPER,SUPER,DANGEROUS,ESPECIALLY IF YOUR DISABLED WITH A BROKEN BACK) IT BOUNCES SEVERLY WHEN IT DROP'S WITH OUT WARNING the only way u know is when u it a bump !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOT FUNNY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!your "WHOLE GOD DAMM BACK AND SPINE BOUNCE UP AND DOWN"!!!!!!!!!! have not taken it in yet i've hear u can get pump fir $389- its not the pump i don't think !!!!!!!! at advance auto parts dealership i hear wants at least $600- $700 for air pump for rear but the air pump works its a leak somewhere "MINOR LEAK !!!!!!!!!!!!!! at that but to many gremilins and situations with holding the air again the air compresor works even better since i changed fuse but sill leaks air at random !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i mean truck value in only $6600 at most !!!!!!1 paid $32,500 for it brand new !!!! at neil buick in meford ,new york. now i deal with o'rourke dealership in smith-town !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! there tech's danny,and kenny are great, sean king is a great guy, to i know sean king ,but GM HAS TO OWN UP TO LITLE THINGS LIKE HIS and i replace tranny in '13 after snow storm got suck and burnt trans out!!!!! another $3,000- your's ru;y and i own 5 muscle cars from gm '87 buick grand national, '71 chevy chevelle, '73 camaro z-28, '87 monte ss, '66 chevy II nova, cars are all muscle cars that put out at least 650 hp or more, but this '04 buick rainier problems have to stop we need to take a stand !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and i buillt all my muscle cars myself and they are daily driver when no snow is on the ground, to fast to drive in snow the cars john ambra ronkonkoma, new york
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