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The Airbag (SRS) Light May Illuminate With Code B1177 and/or B1182 on Infiniti QX56

Problem Description and Possible Solution

The airbag (SRS) light may illuminate with code B1177 and/or B1182, related to the front seat belt pre-tensioners. Our technicians tell us revised front seat belt buckles are available to correct this concern.

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Infiniti QX56 Vehicles With This Problem

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Average mileage: 105,208 (61,000–177,700)
5 model years affected: 2004, 2005, 2006, 2008, more2009
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I just received word from our local infinity dealer that I two have the same code . But mine is for the stearing colum air bag. I'm totally pissed!!! 2,800 to replace and fix. Really??? This is not a component that sustains anywhere and tear and should not go out. And to hit you with a $2800 bill is preposterous. This should be a recall issue.
This problem was the last straw of a long list of problems I had been putting up with from the "steering column" for a long time. We purchased the car when it was four years, old with 99,000 miles. When we first purchased the car I realized that the voice call button did not work along with the "up" buttons for the switches on the left side of the steering wheel. Thankfully my cruise control was not affected or I may have taking care of it along time ago. The next thing to go was my heated steering wheel then the horn and lastly the airbag which did get my attention. After researching the problem we self diagnosed it as the spiral cable/clock spring which is located behind the airbag and contains all of the "bells and whistles" wires that run to the steering wheel. After watching a video on YouTube my dad was able to replace it and all of the problems when away!! Cost of DIY fix $230 and 2 hours. :) I really do like this car but it does require ALOT of maintenance. My husband and I would NOT own this car if my father was not a good mechanic. Thanks Dad!!
Its my airbag on the passenger side seat the light stays on dashboard and Cerrito infinity told me that there was not a recall so I need to paid to have it done. 2,800.00 is the repair amount.
Have not ID'd or repaired yet. Have tried a manual reset and light went out for about 2k miles / 6 weeks. It's back. Have neglected it for a while but it's time to repair. Car has 204K on it now.
The drivers airbag light was on the dealer said it was the clock spring at the backside of the airbag and it would cost $660 to remove the clock spring and replace it with a new one I feel it should be carried under warranty all airbags and for the safety equipment of the vehicle and therefore should be worn can't for the life of the vehicle this is not fair
airbag light starting going off a couple months ago. I finally had them look at it, same code I believe, and they said that'll be $3,200 for a new steering column. He said he'd keep checking the recall list to see if it comes up soon. I can deal with a blinking light, although a nuisance, but I'm quite concerned that the airbag may indeed not work if ever needed!
well i had theproblem with the vcd slip and brakes and just putting some brake fluid fix the problem
Same problem - I’m told between 3000 and 5000 depending on how "far" they have to go to fix the issue. Crazy! Do we have any recourse with infinity? Seems like a PR nightmare for them if there are issues…
I have the same problem, looks like a trip to the repair shop. It seems to be a safety issue