Q: The air bag light came on suddenly... on 2006 Kia Rio

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The air bag light came on suddenly and will not go off. Any idea what could have caused this and how it should be fixed?
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I agree with Matt your car is probably still under warranty. Check out
it has all Kia factory training information, recalls and service bulletins on it for free from Kia, great resource fro Kia owners and Kia mechanics.
well i will give you a short answer for this i am ase certified and the answer is the crash sensor is broke so you air bag light will stay on and if you get in a wreck it wont deploy
wrong. there is a recall on certain kia rio's 2002-2008. if yours is one you should receive something in the mail this month
Sometimes this is caused by the sensor assembly in the steering wheel. Your car is very new, and I would imagine that your dealership would be happy help you with this--probably under warranty.