Q: The A/C condenser tank is cold and sweating even when the A/C is off, on 2003 Chevrolet Trailblazer

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The A/C seems to be always on, even when it's off.
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Turn the heat/ac system OFF on dash if you dont want the compressor to run...push the OFF button for the whole system!
Thanks fir the reply. The cimpressor is even on when I'm using the heat, even tho the A/C light is off.
I just checked, and the only way to turn the comp. off is to turn off the fan, and that's not good if you want heat.
The system is designed that way so the compressor will get 'exercised' in cold weather as well....compressor should not run in floor heat mode. If your heater still works so there you go! Do you have NO heat with temp set to hot? Still cold in FL.?
Thanks for the info. I recently bought the truck, and guess I'm getting used to it. This helps a lot. So many things aren't covered in the manual. Yes, the mornings are cool. Have a great day. Bill