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Q: terrible gas mileage on 1993 Chevrolet Corsica

i have a 93 corsica 3.1L v6, it says i should be getting around 18 miles city, however, i get about 30 miles to a quarter tank. i know the gas tank is rather small, but theres not much done to the car. the air filter has no cover and the filter is loose, just sorta sits there and its not really tightened to the large intake hose. i havent checked the code for my check engine light, and the previous owner put a new fuel flow regulator on the car. i know its pretty broad and i should get the car looked at but any ideas? my final comment is that the car is burning very rich, you can smell gasoline in the oil, is there a way to manually reset my fuel to air ratio?
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If you continue to drive this car in this condition the next question will where can I buy an engine. Need trouble codes to help you further.
No you can't reset the fuel to air ratio. Don't drive this car anymore, not even to a place to have it coded out.
i wish i could stop driving it. im taking it to advanced auto tomorrow hopefully to have it looked at. ill keep this thread updated when i find out whats wrong
I understand the way the economy is it is hard to come up with the funds to fix your car. Taking it to Advance is a start. You really need to take it to someone who can look into the problem deeper than just a generic code retrieval. Post the codes and hopefully we can help you more.
Understand they sell parts they are not technicians. Please don't just buy what they tell is wrong based on the code/codes.
so the codes i picked up indicated that my O2 sensor and air temperature sensor are bad. now the O2 sensor is easy to find and replace, normally the air temp sensor would be to, but an after market air filter and intake hose means that there is no sensor there, i cant even find the connector, its possible it was removed, but just in case, where does the connector come from in the wiring? also, was just made aware that my TCC is bad. i hooked the 2x2 connector back into the transmission and then it ran good for about a week then it started stalling, thats an expensive part and takes some time to put in, i would hope there is a rebuilt replacement part but knowing my luck, theres not. any advice? other than junking the car and selling the motor
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