Q: temperature sensor on 1992 Honda Civic

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car is making a weird revving sound when first started, after abount 10-15 mins. it goesback to normal
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You say after 15 minutes or so of running the engine on your car "goes back to normal". Does the idle speed of your engine rhythmically goes from high to low , high to low which on many Hondas can be a sign of an air pocketed in the cooling system if you had just flushed/refilled the cooling system. It could also be a sign of a bad coolant temperature sensor (near the thermostat housing). What is happening is the engine goes into fuel cut mode to drop the idle speed.
There are four different engines in the Civic that your different engine sizes, 8 valve, 16 valve and VTEC, each have different idle speed control systems which also could have a problem. The temperature switch is cheap and easy to replace and a good place to start.
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