Q: temperature gauge not working on 1994 Dodge Ram Van B250

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one day the temperature gauge completely stopped working.
Everything else works and the van runs great.
(2) Answers
You have (2) coolant temp sensors, one is for the Powertrain Control Module, the other for the temp gauge. The one for the temp gauge is a single wire unit mounted directly behind the generator.
Over. Christmas I drove my mother in-law. 1993 dodge. Ram van b250 5.2 from California to md. No problems I was doing some repair work replacing an intake gasket and when I went to run it the coolant gage wasn't working. it worked on the trip here. I replaced the temp sensor and still no change. The van runs great just no signal to the coolantguage. I am an auto technition but this has got me stumped. If anyone has an answer i would appreciate some input. I'm thinking the gage it self is not good.
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