Q: temperature gage not working and the AC does not come on on 2007 Chevrolet Malibu

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The problem was intermitent and the temperature gage would work after driving a short distance. Now the gage does not move and the air does not come on. The blower is fine. Please advise.
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I have the same problem. I replaced the temp sensor. Worked for a few days then failed. When the temp shows "cold" the AC will not cycle on; that's normal. The issue is in the temp sensor circuit. The fans running is because the ecm does not see a temp sensor so it assumes a hot condition.

If battery disconnect solves the problem it is resetting the ecm (engine control module; i.e. computer). I will try it as I thought it would be an ecm issue.
Jesus S suggestion work. I had the same problem. A/c was blowing cold air for a few minutes then stopped blowing cold air but blow motor was blowing hot air. Next the temperature gage was not working. Disconnected battery for a few minutes and reconnected and the temperature gage is working and the a/c appears to be working.

Next problem both engine fans appears to be on constantly.

Same thing happend to me , what I did was I just disconnected the battery for a minute connect it again and viola, this is part of the problems that the Malibu has, the other problem that goes rigth next it would be the fuel sensor level will fail
Thanks for the advice. I had the same problem with my 2007 Malibu. I turned on the A/C and it worked for a few minutes then stopped blowing cold air and next I noticed the temperature gage not working.

Next problem i have is the both fans are run constantly.. Any suggestions?