Q: temp sensor on 2006 Ford Taurus

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2006 Ford Taurus, 3.0L V6, type -U engine.
car has over 171,000 miles on it.. took it to 2 different mechanics got 2 different codes one guy said it was miss fire code & the other guy said it was my air intake or temp sensor said that they both showed they were running speraticly.. about 2 weeks ago I just had temp sensor replaced, it passed radiator pressure test, cleaned the air intake sensor, had a new sepentine belt replaced, had new rebuilt transmission several years ago and had it rechecked its working fine goes smooth through all the gears, had thermost checked and cleaned, had fuel injectors, pvc, cleaned, cleaned the battery terminals, battery and alternator have a good charge, new oil change, new air filter, has no leaks or loose wires, last year put in new plugs, wires, i think its called a selinoid its the rectangle looking black box the one that the plugs wires connect to had that replaced. my check engine light keeps coming on every time i disconnect the battery to clear the code about a month later after driving 45 minutes to an hour come to a stop or go to take off it will lag like its going to stall out then kick into gear and the check engine light will come back on again and stay on, then it will run fine till it does it again every so often. +++ Just took it to autozone they said the temp sensor was bad there are 2 of them one is for the computer and one is for the temp guage the one i had just re-placed the temp sensor the one that is located where top hose connects to where the thermostat is on driver side on top of the engine.. where is the other one located and what is it called?
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