Q: Taurus X throttle and powertrain problems - common? on 2008 Ford Taurus

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My 2008 Ford Taurus X stopped accelerating properly - it accelerated slowly, as if the parking brake was on. The electronic data (odometer, fuel remaining) disappeared, several warning lights came on, most notably the wrench, indicating throttle/powertrain problems. My dealership says the throttle needs to be replaced. In my research online, this is not uncommon to this vehicle. My questions are: 1) can I correct the problem by just cleaning the throttle myself; 2) should I just have the throttle replaced; 3) do other owners end up having transmission problems thereafter, and maybe I should consider selling the car now and not repair?
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most of the i know who drive fords aren't driving a taurus. i am not sure why exactly, but there are more reliable vehicles out there. may want to cut bait and run before it depreciates any further. problem with new vehicles(2005 and later) is you are a lot of time at the mercy of the computer.