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Q: Takes two hrs for vehicle to start up. on 1995 Toyota Camry

when i drive my car and turn it off,I usually have to wait for two hours just to start it back up again like nothing was ever wrong with it. What can it be? Ia it the electrical coil? someone told me to check that. Also whenever I stop driving and get out the car, i something smells hot, so i dont know if thats the engine or what, but it has plenty of water and also the temp gauge is not on red.
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When the vehicle wont start, can you hear the starter turning over the engine? Please explain the symptoms when it wont start.
This sounds like a battery, battery cable or starter issue. Have you tried jump starting the vehicle when this happens?
When I try to start it back up, it sounds as if it wants to crank but it wont turn over.When this first started, it only took like a few minutes before it will start again, as time progress, its taking longer to wait so right now it takes two hour.And when it crank back up, it runs as if nothing ever happened.
yea i have called triple A and they checked the battery, they said that it is still perfectly fine that the battery is in good shape. No i have not tried using the cables yet to start i have only sprayed starter fluid.
Try a crank sensor.The only fail during heat. To test it take it out and boil water then dip in water take out and then test the resitance. Hope this helps
hmmmm,,strange problem!! Do you smell gas while starting it,,,Try pushing the pedal to the floor while starting,(This gives more air if flooding) then if no result,,, start pumping the gas pedal.. should smell gas if that doesnt make it start to at least sputter,, car is not getting any fuel....burning smell could be serpentine belt.... I have seen this happen and be the starter but, usually happens when car is cold,,although could have a starter that while hot the coil in the starter expands too much,,,,I would try the jumper cables from another car like the previous guy mentioned--sounds like a good place to start
I have the same problem with my '02 Ford Zx2. Someone told me they didn't hear the starter turning. It will start with a jump.
Sounds like excessive resistance in the starter circuit from the way you describe the problem. Clean and check voltage drop of all the connection, then check amperage draw of the starter.
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