Q: tail lights dont work, brake lights do, dash lights wont work on 1995 Honda Civic

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looked at fuse box, cant see which fuse goes to tail lights and dash...and is there another problem other than fuses?
Thank you so much
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I have found this problem on many makes/models foriegn/domestic and more often than not it is the headlight switch in your vehicle on the dash.
My dash and tail lights do not work on my 95 Honda Civic-headkights work-all other lights work-replaced switch and still no dash/taillight/front marker lights. Don't know what to do.
If the fuses are OK, then you'll need to have an electrical diagnosis of the circuit(s) involved. To do this correctly it requires a wiring diagram, volt/ohm meter or test light and the ability to diagnose an electrical circuit.
Check fuse #40 in engine compartment, it is a 40 amp fuse. This supplies power to all the lights.
thank you for your response...I would like to kow how I can tell which fuse(s)go to the tail lights and dash to check them...I didn't see anything on the cover to the fuses that told me which ones they were...can you be specific with that?
Thank you so much!!!