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Suzuki Grand Vitara (24 Reviews)
It was a great car. I had a few problems mostly due to my neglect. Like everyone else I do have the same problem with the headlights low beam blow out. One other annoying problem is whenever the battery cable is disconnected for whatever reason, the car engine behave ridiculous for a day or two until it resets itself.
Worst piece of shit i ever owned. Do not and i repeat even think of purchasing this piece of tin nightmare.
my car was great until the ignition fuse blows due to damaged wire harness causing engine to stall and not restart. Thou it says on line that there is a recall I cannot get any susuki dealer to honor it. being on s.s.i. I barely have enough to pay my rent. tho I love my susuki I will have to trash it since all it is now is trash. Good Luck I hope your suv will not have this same problem. An unhappy Susuki owner
Belt tensioner of the power steering broke out, it was dangerus because I was driven by the road. Reading I found that this parts was re-desing all in metal, do you know where can I get a one
one of the best car i have seen in my life
Dear all,
I just bought a Grand Vitara, called in Mexico Tracker by General Motors.
Main concern that I have is about lights:
1. The rear ones do not works (brake and reverse works properly) but normal rear light do not.
2. Fog lamps do not work, and
3. All backlight from IPCluster, HVAC and automatic transmission indicator of speed are not illuminated when front lamps are turned to on.
What can I do? ...I already checked fuses and looks OK ... thanks!
I own a 2001 Grand Vitara XL-7. Overall, I am very pleased with it. I have only replaced the air conditioning compressor and a sensor. However, the interior light comes on without opening the doors. What could be causing this? The exhaust rattles when I first start the car but stops after the car is warmed up. What's causing that? Anyone know?
I LOVE THIS CAR!!!! It has 202,000 miles and has been through 3 teenagers. I drove this car when I was 16 and when my parents were selling it I know I had to buy it. I have never replaced anything on it and everything still works. Love this car.
Where do you find a Clock Spring for 2005 Grand Vitara? These cars never break down. There are no spare parts out there.
2000 Grand Vitara - Today is the first time that I have ever had an issue with it. I LOVE my Vitara, but after 160,000 plus miles something is bound to happen, right? The clutch went out. It has served me well. We have travelled the Eastern Coast of the US together...from Rhode Island to Florida and everywhere in between. I love my car and hope to have at least another 100K miles with it!!!
the biggest mistake of my life buying a GV 2010 steering
failer at 5000k suspensions clatter. engine warning light comes on every time it rains suzuki can not fix the problems they say they dont now how. what BS And the fuel use is at 14 to 16 litters per 100 km THE CAR WAS TWO DAYS OLD WHEN IT STOPPED THE FIRST TIME. hAD TO DISCONECT THE BATERY AND CONECT IT AGAIN TO GET IT GOING AND SUZUKI SAYS THEY CAN NOT FIND THE PROBLEM. MY ADVICE DONT BY SUZUKI NOT THE CARS THEY WHERE.
2000 grand vitara the main fuse box is right above the dead pedel its hard 2see but its up thier took me 3 times to find it good luck but im still haven problems with dash lights and my power windows please help it u can
The best car i have
that is good and nice for desert driving
I love my Grand Vitara....other than regular normal maintenance, this has been the best car I have ever had....

Yes, the remote control door locks stopped working after 5 years....and the CD stopped working....but I have 185k miles and still going strong...
the best car I have ever owned !!!!
Excelent car, I love everything!
my biggist problem with this vehicle is that the automatic transmition is stuck in park how do i fix it?
Remote doesn't work and is apparently quite the mystery to fix. Something in the electrial system. Dome light doesn't come on when door is opened either. Related.
Otherwise, no problems. Perfect size, handling, power and just cute as a bug. Interior could be plusher but that is my complaint about most vehicles.
Good luck trying to find a u-joint if you have a manual transmision! OBSOLETE according to the dealerships!!!
What a POS!!!
Bought one wish I had drove right on by it have never bought anything and had to so much work to keep it up and running!!!!
MPG less than expected (lucky to get 19). Ad and salespeople tout this as a "true SUV". I must have a different idea as to a SUV -- because in my world a true SUV wouldn't have such big issues with dust/dirt (interior get COVERED). I travel over 35 miles of gravel road on a daily basis -- which was one reason for purchasing this "true SUV"; I needed a vehicle with all-wheel drive, decent ground clearance, good MPH (argh!!!), solid suspension and the ability to survive many miles of gravel and off-road use. The all-wheel drive system is works!! I am very disappointed with the cars ability to seal out dust and dirt. The entire interior (especially the back compartment) gets COVERED with dust after each trip down the gravel. I tried and tried to have the dealer perform some type of fix...they had no resolution -- but, then again Suzuki had nothing either. They claimed it was due to the area in which I lived. Ahhhh....wrong. I had a 1993 Corolla with over 200k miles which didn't allow nearly as much dust in as the Grand Vitara. The standard Yokohama tires are junk....with less than 1,000 miles, two tires had non-repairable punctures; with less than 12,000 it become necessary to replace all four tires. My biggest complaints: the dust; poor MPG and terrible rotten lousy service from the dealer.
Beyond the gas mileage, this is a very good car for long trips. For short trips, city driving, etc., I should of gotten the SX4.
I have 123,013 miles on it. Never had a wrench put to it yet!!!!
Only oil and filter changes. This is my 3rd one, same for the other two.