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my 2006 Suzuki xl7 shows the fuel gauge as 0 on panel though the tank is full. But while driving the gauge moves a bit and at stops the empty light comes on . Is it costly to replace ? How can I take the gauge out without removing the gas tank?
my car makes a vvvvvmmm sound when I push brakes I know sorry this is the closest I can think of. Sounds on the left wheel side or front middle under my break pedal. Was told not breaks or Rogers. Help please
took my car to les schwab three times. my brakes, roters are good. not sure if the noise I am hearing is coming from left tire somewhere in the middle of the break. but only when I push on the breaks you hear this humming noise.
maybe my rear differential? or abs? help I was told I shouldn't be afraid there is no danger of some day not being able to stop..??? any advice would be much appreaciated.
Part No: 38610-84F21
The car will start after 30mins to 1 hour wait and the car don't have this kind of problem in the winter or at night when it's cool. The battery is good and the starter is OK, but AutoZone said the voltage regulator is defective, so they said that I have to change the alternator. Is the alternator the reason why it won't start after driving in a hot weather?
Is that a common problem with the XL7?
Dumb when it somes to cars please use a lot of details
I see recalls for other year and model Suzuki cars, I'm concerned that this part is broken on my car, with still low milage.
I need to replace a parking and turn signal bulb in my Suzuki XL and want to know how to do this
44499 miles. would this be a failure or result of normal driving wear.
my a/c power steering belt broke which bolts do i remove to give slack on pump so i can intall belt
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