2005 Suzuki XL-7 Questions

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Any help pls
My steering wheel shakes a little on turns,when I check the steering fluid if its is low I refill it.I had a steering line put in 3 years ago so my warranty is up. Someone told me the fluid is probably going in to the boot because I don't see it on the floor or anything,help!
I accidentally put diesl in it
We tried to reset it and we can get shifter out of park but on the dash car still in drive
Clicking noise when wheel turns.
Clicking noise when wheel turns.
On a regular bases free, is it the timid belt?
It's been like this for a long time
I saw the EGR value at the back of the intake under side,
it looks like it mite be electricly opperated
engine light is on due to bad knock sensor.motor shut down
The volume controls on my steering wheel stopped working, no other symptoms exist. Any ideas?
The bolts came off but the tire will not move. Any suggestions
when i turn the ac on the blower dont work
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