2004 Suzuki XL-7 Questions

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I hear a lot of noise and it vibrates

just need to know location

hi I change front pads now I have no brake paddle. goes to floor. bleed them out use a bottle of dot 3 brake fluid. How do I fix problem?

Lights that should not burn do--door ajar, check engine light, lights that should burn do not--light on dash, stereo light. Lights inside car flicker and go off and on while driving so they have to be in the OFF position so that when you open the car door, there are no lights. Also, the fuel door hinge broke and the door flew off. I have noticed several of the same model vehicle around town without their fuel doors.

What causes power light to come on

I basically have 170psi across all 6 cylinders all timing chains are tight except the very bottom chain which has a little slack in it, never showed any signs of any problems and 4 days ago while driving too tn. the car just shut off I pulled over to the median looked under the hood seen nothing obvious and tried to restart it and it turned over but sounded like it jumped time and like it had no compression but it does 170psi each cylinder and all timing chains are tight except for the very bottom chain yet still won't start I have worked on cars for 35 years but never one of these suzuki's any tips and how can I check the timing to see if it's a couple of teeth out maybe or if it may just be the crank sensor I had a caddilac cts with the same symptoms sounding like it had no compression or like it jumped time and it just wasn't getting any fuel replaced fuel pump and even though it still sounded like it had no compression when it got fuel it started right up I no I have fuel but thinking it was the timing chain and needing to replace the water pump I didn't check for fire before tearing it down to replace the pump so I know I have fuel not sure on fire could that possibly be the crank sensor any addvice please.

What are the steps to removing a radiator on 2004 Suzuki xl7
I cannot get to bottom hoses. Can get pass fan.

ac compressor turns not locked up; but still air does not come on.

ac compressor turns not locked up; but still air does not come on.

concern if drivebelt pulley,is related to problem,cause i started to notice a chirpping noise this weekend continusely, compared to past. i would hear it,on and off. for a few seconds,then chirping noise. what should i do,cause i had my mechanic install a new belt today 05/01/2012, so far no noise.

what to do?

Two months ago the a/c & power steering belt broke due to a malfunction with the tensionor pulley. That was a $2400 repair. Last Saturday I was driving & the engine got really loud then shut down. I took it back to the same shop that did the previous repair and they told me the battery was bad and also the starter however after putting in a new battery and starter the engine would still not start. Long story short, the engine locked up and needs replacement. It is still under the power train warranty for the next 9 months/23,000 mi. I was told that the oil was clean as was the engine and to take it to the dealership. The dealership, before even looking at the vehicle told me that it probably wouldnt be covered unless I can provide all of the service records. I purchased the vehicle new in 2005 and have not kept records of all the maintainence for the past 6 years and have used several different places over the years, its next to impossible to get all of the records. It is now at the dealership and they have yet to tell me what is wrong with it and have only said that they found sluge in the engine so they basically wont do anything else or look any further until I provide the records that I dont have...can anyone give me advice or direction? Would it be worth anything if I just sell it for salvage?