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I have an 02 Suzuki xl7. This thing is a pain. This morning when I turned it on, it made a very loud screeching noise. I work about 10 minutes down the road and it was pretty much a constant sound all the way there. I've heard this noise a couple times before, but usually just after heavy rain or very very cold out. On my lunch, I started it up and it was there again, and as I drive it i noticed a slight smell of burning rubber. As I drove it back to work there was no noise. Again, after I got off work and started the car the noise and smell were there but the noise went away after a moment, but the smell stayed. I'm afraid to drive it anywhere to findout what it is. Any ideas?
my steering is really hard to turn and then it will just start to work and stop again like it,s turning off and on while you are trying to make a turn
For a 2002 Suzuki XL-7.
I just opened the sunroof and it won't close. The fuses are all good so I don't know what else to try.
there is an engine oil leak how can I find it
My lights turn on by themselves at night even when the car is turned off.
When you start it takes a while to accelerate and won't pass 30 mph unless you press on the gas pedal hard.
I took my Suzuki XL-7 out for a short drive this afternoon then parked it for lunch. I came out 45 minutes later and started it up, but it ran *very* rough for about 10 seconds then quit. I started it again but had to keep pressing the gas pedal to keep it running, and even then it ran very rough again and died after about 6-8 seconds. I could not get it started again after that. It cranks fine, so the battery and starter are doing their job, but the engine (V6) just won't fire up. It has never done this before and there was no indication prior to this that anything was going wrong. I spoke with an ex-mechanic at Auto Zone who said it could be anything from an ICV or ECV, to an EGR valve, to vaccum, to fuel pump and/or filter, and more. I suspect I should start with the easiest thing and work my way through diagnosing the hardest component, but I am not sure where to begin or how to check any of these things. I checked for loose hoses and wiring--none of that. Any help would be much appreciated!
this started when the belts were loose and making noise. The noise has resolved, but even after the car is warmed up there is cold air blowing until you start to drive. If you come to a stop sign it blows cold again. Thanks
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