1999 Suzuki Vitara Questions

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Suzuki vitara 1.6 jlx on a p reg i have dash lights ..the engine doesnt crank over and no starter noises ..thanks
No dash lights and engine doesnt turn over no noises ...good battery..cables on tight and right way .checked fuses and seem ok
Im doing the fuel pump i need to know witch one is the letter and number is the relay for the fuel pump
After the diesel gas poured into th we gas tank, I drove the car 200 FEET, my car bogged & the vehicle turned off, did not go back on. What do I do?
when i am driving with the air conditioner on and try to stop at a red light,the engine tries to die .

what is the problem?
I wanna know what can I do to resolve that problem. Because I like my Vehicule.
Drove to Costco, 104 degrees. Upon leaving---no blower fan whats so ever. Compressor is running, was blowing cold.
how to remove blower motor. Everything in the way
is there anyway to adjust the clutch or do i need to have it replace
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