2013 Suzuki SX4 Questions

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If I put it on vent, push AC button, it blows warm air, every so often will blow cold. But I noticed when I put on defrost, sometime cold air will come out of side vents.
Checked fuse #17 and it is fine the switch lights up as if working but no heat ..could there be a relay and were is it located or a part#. I don't believe it is an element problem since they light up can you Please tell me what to look for next. Can it be a different fuse but my owners manual states fuse # 17. PLEASE help. They did work fine just stopped. Also my transfer case was leaking fluid but a bolt was missing came from the factory that way.Replaced the bolt hope it stops!!! I can't look anywhere since the repair manuals only go to 2009 online I NEED HELP
Under 80,000 front made a humming noise had it looked at and oil was on the front transfer case also the oil was low is it still under warranty
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