2010 Suzuki SX4 Questions

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What is the problem? We tried pushing the car, towing the car that only round my tires, when the tow truck put out on the flat bed the tired moved but as soon as we put it back on the ground nothing again
We tried to tie a string around the latch in the door to move a dresser that's longer than the car. Now the latch won't move back to the originalposituon to allow door to close. Any suggestions?
i am driving Suzuki swift 2010, and just recently found the accelerator is sticking while taking the car in the morning to the office and back to home. it seems when the engine is cool, this is happening. while moving int he start, while giving the acceleration it stick for the same speed for 4-5 seconds and then releases. after driving for 10 mins, when the engine become warm, then acceleration is normal. What could be the problem.
Recently I have had my tires balanced twice in a short span of time. After last time is when I really noticed the scraping sound. As mentioned when ever I turn the wheel to the right it scrapes but stops when brakes are applied.
the engine cranks well the battery is fine but i need to try 4-5 times to succeed. sometimes it shuts down while i m driving the car?
Some advices i get is that i need to change the key!!!
but quickly turned off i started to drive.
was told that I needed a charcoal canister
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