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The rest of the fm radio/cd player works perfectly.
Tha AM channels fade out and disappear. Sometimes for days at a time. Then, they work for 2 minutes to 2 days, then fade out and disappear again.
I dont think its the unit it hads to be the reception, am antenna, or am antenna connections??
i am replacing the crankshaft on a sx4 and i cant figure out which angle it should be set at. it is located on the crank inside the motor, no marks on anything, searched everywhere online, called dealers...etc. any help would be great. thanks
If u push the gas pedal really hard it smokes like crazy then stops in a little while unless u do the same thing
My Suzuki sx4 sedan has problems accelerating as well as it has a slow start when I come to a stop in traffic. Additionally it jumps while idling or upon take off.
They have had my car for 47days now and after crank sensor repair the car started and ran but would NOT go into gear (Automatic Trans) and now they say it's the transmission pump. I can't even find that the car has a specific transmission pump. I think they screwed up and just want more money. Any help is wonderful!! Thanks, "Stuck in Mexico"
I am stuck in Mexico and they said I had to replace the "Transmission Pump" a 50/40 (fifty forty pump) they said. I need to order from the US but cannot find a transmission pump for that car? Does it have one? What part are they referring to? The car was stalling they replaced the crank shaft timing cable (I had shipped down) and now the car won't go into gear. At the shop for 45 days and they now say the transmission pump is the cause. Any advice would be helpful!! THANKS!
Backing out of the driveway yesterday, the slip indicator light came on yesterday. It went off after I drove a bit. Then today, turned car on, backed out and the same thing happened. How do I get the light to stop coming on every time I turn the engine on?
My battery died in my Suzuki so I took it to a mechanic to have it replaced. As soon as I left the garage with the new battery I noticed my car had a shudder that it never had before. It is worst when accelerating (at all speeds) but it also shudders while idling. Is this something that was caused by my mechanic when they replaced the battery? After diagnostics, they told me they though it might be my torque converter or my transmission. I don't understand how something could randomly happen in the garage that wasn't caused by an error ion the part of the mechanic.
This is for a Swift - not a SX4 (didn't give me this option). Whirring noise getting worse in low gear which stops when clutch is depressed. Any ideas what's causing this please? Thanks
I can avoid the slight shudder if I move off from stop very gently. There is no problem at normal road speed in other gears. I wonder if there is a clutch problem or a faulty CV Joint. I purchased the car 2nd hand from the local Suzuki dealer at 93k and I am told this is normal.
tire was removed the day before for inspection and they jacked it up from the rear and front insted of using the jack mounts on each side of the car so when i put it in gear to drive its real loud quients down at higher speed starts again at lower
My heater blower was working perfectly. Didn't notice anything unusual. Then in the morning when I went to turn it on, it didn't work. My husband checked the little fuse and it didn't looked blown. Now what????
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