1998 Suzuki Sidekick Questions

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And when started it won't rev up you slowly it the gas and it raises up to 4.5 and falls on it's face
I would like to know what would cause the airbag light to come on while im driving and why vehicle slowly loses power and dies out when the airbag light comes on
I have checked the starter the alternator and the terminals my ignition switch is messed up so I ran a starter button on it I have checked that to and I still can't find the problem can anyone help ?
I saw a post here before and wanted to know where did you find the replacement parts to fix this.
Just noticed today
I have changed the fuel filter already
where can I find the upgraded clutch pedal? My weld broke as well
It starts up and the engine is fine. If it sits for about a hour it will run fine for about 20 minutes and then it will begin to shake and lock up again.
Cam sensor code but i put new distrubtor in it.
We observed an oil leak on observation it dosent appear to be oil pan bout back of pan near oil seal
just need to know where th crankshaft position sensoris located?
Do u know where is located the power window relay?
What is the process to replace the passenger side cv joint in the front diff.?
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