1996 Suzuki Sidekick Questions

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I bought Suzuki Escudo three months ago.can not fully accelerates noicy,powerless pls advice
I dont think the tensioners are getting the oil they need
What seems to make the problem better or worse? when it warms up
How long have you had this problem? a week
complete a/c repair 9/2016
05/17 ran a/c while driving and heard a clunk sound behind glove compartment,then smelled burning rubber. Turned off a/c and car ran ok. Afraid to run a/c now.
Every now and again it happens while I'm driving. All four locks will rapidly lock and unlock, or sometimes just lock, on their own.
That's stressful enough, but it also happens when my car is off. Like when I'm sleeping or at work. I'll go to my car to find all four doors unlocked. I'm sure it's electrical, but further advice would be great.
Please and thanks.
It dies when the throttle is pushed down.
When I first got to it I jumped it to get it started I tested voltage meter on the battery and the alternator was charging is reading about 14.77 and then took the jumper cables off turn the car off and the battery held at around 13+That wind tried to start on it's own nothing except a little bit of a burning smell reconnected the jumper cables and it fired right up again so come through that I gathered that the battery was good I'll change it was good and the stars good men between it's keeping it from starting on its own and I don't know what that is I assume at some kind a relay or something I don't know for sure hope somebody can help
I changed the power steering pump but still have the whine. The sound increases with engine speed from idle and up. Still noisy while driving. Engine has 177500 miles. Any help?
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