2007 Suzuki Reno Questions

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I was traveling about 30 miles an hour. My car stopped on the road. When I got it parked and tried to start it, it turned over. no clicking sound, just flat kind of sound. HELP
manual transmission to shift rough,and not to idle, the check engine light also came on. Is it the PCM? What's the verdict?
Just need to replace bolts but can't find specs
The bottom bolt will come out.
the timing belt broke
car stopped while driving and won't start again, replaced timing sensor and the crank position sensor and still won't start.
My vehicle used to come to a stop when I had the a/c on and when I came to a stop. Mechanics fixed that this morning but now the aforementioned is happening.
I was told to replace gas cap so I did. but the light came on again. I was told it going to be a vacuum leak. any idea what might cause it to come on ?
I need to find out if the oil pump is in the front of the motor?
I replaced both oxygen sensors and spark plugs already
took it to auto zone and the machine said low coolant, so I put coolant in the reservoir. Light is still on, it is not running hot?
The bolt is to long and hits the body and leaves no room to remove it does the motor need to be lifted to remove it? And how and best way to do so? can the motor be jacked up and were would the jack be placed to prevent damage?
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