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Works fine accelerating through gears until it hits 4th gear then seems to shift back and forth from 4th to 3rd. Doesn't seem to stay in 4th gear steady. this happens at a steady 40-50 mph the rpm drops to 1700 rpm then up to 2100 rpm repeatedly unless I accelerate or decelerate. Noticed to have to add coolant once a week, no obvious leaks.
What seems to make the problem better or worse? warmer temp.
How long have you had this problem? 1 year
Who can fix it and how much will it cost to get it fixed?
Is this part of what part of the car system?
has already been changed once by previous owner the head gasket that I bought has small holes for the water ports do they need to be enlarged to get better flow
I just had my whole throttle body, throttle position sensor and my TAC replaced yesterday and this is the 2nd time its been replaced in a month. I'm getting really upset that this problem isn't being fixed. Could it be something else? I'm open for any assistance with this issue.
my car runs fine and then out of nowhere while im sitting at a stop light it will shut down the check engine light comes on and so does the brake light. when it does this I put my car in park turn off the ignition and then wait 20-45 seconds (sometimes longer) turn the car on again and rev the engine a few times up to 5-6 rpm then put my car in drive and it will allow me to drive. Please help me diagnose this problem!!
2006 Suzuki Reno A/T ~ 136k miles, work vehicle does 2-3 hrs of driving every day at low speeds.

Car lost power to the tires on freeway after 2 mild stutters, pulled to shoulder and turned car off. Car wouldn't restart , sounded and acted like a bad starter solenoid, whirring starter motor with no engaging of the gears. Replaced starter and transmission range sensor( cause of a lot of shifting problems in renos). Still no engine turn over. Inspected all wiring, finding no electrical problems. All fuses have been checked. With help had someone attempt to start the car while viewing through the flexplate observation port, starter was engaged and rotating flexplate but not turning motor over. Vehicle can easily be moved in drive or reverse ( 0 motor resistance) but park still functions. Battery was disconnected and no codes can be pulled. Motor can be manually turned over at the crankshaft bolt.

Has yearly , transmission fluid, radiator and brake fluid flushes.

Car history Had a Timing belt, axle , suspension, cylinder head ( Broken idler pulley), transaxle flush April 2014 .

Complete coolant system overhaul in December 2013
It Will drive forward
runs good sometimes, but light comes on, when first cranked in morning, and gears change hard.
Reno had motor changed was told it ran great now won't start garage seem clueless. Old motor had 23.000 miles on it "new" motor 80.000 it ran (so they say) now I am told they can't fix it. Anyone with any advise. I am desperate. I love my Reno and I think a misdiganosis was made The car drove fine.It made a clanking noise before it was towed.
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