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Parked car after work . Next day went to use it engine seized , No problem lights on dash . No noises plenty of oil water every think working fine so don’t understand why this has happened. If any one can put any input on it all please only had the car couple months devastated. I’ve read that a locked engine and seized engine are different No leaks or noises ran perfect does any one no
I recently bought a small boat. When I went to haul it off I couldn't locate a wire tow harness. I just need to know if this vehicle was originally built with one or is this an aftermarket installment.
Where the reset button on this vehicle
my car loses power when I try to accelerate and cannot do more than 60 kilometers per hour
I have a Suzuki Grand Vitara 2005 Manual Gear, today my car would not start , after I got it to a Garage, they changed the Fuel Pump but still the same problem, the Engine will turn but it does not start , can any one Help ? Advice ?
Many Thanks
4X4 manual Gear
After 100 kilometers the heater hoses broke, the colant was gone to the flor without water, the alarm doesnot work, it ruined the cilinder Head, its a 2.0 4 cil motor.
the aluminium its craked inside ( looks a like)how can y test it were can i buy a new one.
Not working all the time
i have purchased a new one along with a new dryer asnd expansen valve my problem is acess how is the best easyest acess to remove the compesser would it be from under or through the drivers fender well flushing,vacuming or charging will be a problem due to my having the equipment from working on my a/c in my 86 chevy that has been changed over to 134a but this little joker was built around the engine i belive there is no working room for acess any ideas or someone with knowledge that can help would be greatly apreciated
PLEASE PLEASE tell me where to start.......TIA
getting no fuel to rail and no spark, I was told it was the relay, but cannot find it. I think it is probrably a sensor not giving a sig to the comp.
What does a warning light saying esp mean ?
when turning the key to on service engine light dont turn on.also cant find a relay for the fuel wont start,installed a new fuel pump it started and ran for probably a day then it turn off while runnig on the road
I have been told my serpentine belts for both Alt and AC are beginning to crack and need to be replaced. Could these be worn out in just 5 years? If so, does it make sense that the estimate for parts and labor totals to @ $120.00?
Thanks! KIM
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