2003 Suzuki Grand Vitara Questions

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What it might be?
It does it going from lock to lock soundliketyre squeaking ontilrdfloor
My mechanic diagnosed my non-working air conditioning system as being an electrical problem. He fixed that problem and said he put freon(spelling)in and came back and said the compressor needed to be replaced and it could cost $600 and up. He is trying to find the part now after I paid 213.51 for what he already did.
it will reverse simi ok when it has been driven for a while during the day but when its been parked for more than a few hrs it refuses to back up. i push the gas peddel all the way down b4 it will move than it just bolts backwards.
when driving in overdrive the car lunges switch to overdrive off car does not lunge. what is happening?
need to know how to replace the water pump in my suzuki grand vitat 2.7
After all this rain we have been having here in QLD, our road was wet and I put my car in 4x4 to find it doesn't engage, how can I fix this with out to much cost?
What is the recommended (rule) for replacing struts on 2003 Suzuki Grand Vitara (XL-7).
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