2007 Suzuki Forenza Questions

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I bought this car so excited. A newer car for me! So happy I was gonna be able to drive and see my grandchildren and daughter.I made one 140 m round trip. Never got to drive again. Now no car again. I'm so sick that all my money went for nothing. Because of all the problems the pieces of shit forenzas. Lead to warped head
I have no power when I press on the gas
I start it it runs but it won't go out of park. It acts like it's stuck in park. Push brake and all to put in gear and it won't go in gear
Changed my headlight switch and my high light will not stay on
It has a plastic cover which my manual said to turn counterclockwise but it's not coming off.
does my ignition coil need replacing? it was running then just shut off an wont start, at all.
The low side not taking any gas
i get my Suzuki engine fail. the motor can not start and make a noise, what can I do?
I don't have any power in the fuel pump check relay and fuses and they are good
I have changed the coil, plugs and wires and reset timing and replaced cam sensor as well since it failed ohm testing and still will not startup completely... I am weaiting on OBD2 scan tool to read into it more and reset pcm...any suggestions? Idler pulley had blown and both have been replaced with no knocking , ping, good compression on all 4 cylinders...I have tried everything a PT shadetree can do - intereference motors i now know are a pain, but for $500 and clutch and breaks and transmissions done, i need it for my daughter to go to college.
At times will change gears fine then again will just jerk as if wants to change but doesn't. Could it need fluid or could it be transmission sensors? Has 110000 miles on it. Motor replaced at 82000 miles.
What do I have to Remove
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