1999 Suzuki Esteem Questions

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t5 price is 5

Standard transmission
Stalling at low rpm after engine has run for half an hour and engine is hot. does not overheat.
when i have my foot down on the clutch pedal the rpm's drop. when i release the pedal the rpm's come back up.
I recently had a bad oil leak, not sure where from. which was repaired. shortly after i started having this problem and it's getting worse.
I have no money for a repair. so, i hope there's a simple solution.
Any help would be much appreciated.

Car has 172,000 miles and cant afford to buy new car.What kind of fluid is this and can I just add fluid every so often.

our engine is burning oil not so much when overdrive

we have a oil leak its uses oil when running

when i come to a stop or start my car idel real bad and no power then all of a suddon it take off like nothing wrong

i cant seem to get my cam sprocket marks lined up with block marks what am i doing wrong? i have a brand new timing kit. i get it to run but i have to keep the gas on it or else it dies.

A puff of blue smoke from the tail pipe when starting car in AM, then clear all day.

where is the fuel filter at? I can't find it.

my car after engine warms up and driving around 30-40minutes begins to act like it wants to sputter. Tach needle wants to drop below 900rpm when at traffic light. Recently had tune-up/fuel injection/system cleaned.Throttle body/Throttle plate cleaned.Replaced spark plugs/pcv valve.Air filter/oil change.Funny thing, it passed the smog!Is it something electrical, like mag sensor,oxygen sensor-need computer diagnostic. What do you think??Maybe fuel pressure system like fuel pump? Help