2004 Suzuki Aerio Questions

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Air condition fan was only working on high speed. Now it won't turn on at all.
Dipstick broke off goes strait down into motor.pushed down further trying to get out
The problem started tow days ago won't turn off if I press the AC ON/OFF button while I'm driving it turn engine off I hear the AC compressor stop running
I need to pull the bumper cover off my 2004 Aerio SX, but want to make sure it's as easy as I think it should be. Any tips on proper procedure for this minor project?
The Red light keeps blinking in my car
Looking for epicia made by Chevy use to be a Daewoo
Everytime wen put breaks the ABS pump comes on.
change the breaks like 6 months ago everytime that my daughter press the breaks makes a claking noise.
125,000 miles, replaced all thermostats, radiator, 3 coolant flushes, and still having issues! What else can i do! Love this car and can't see myself driving anything else!
how to replace head gasket and timing chain on 2004 suzuki aerio
head gasket
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