Q: suspension woes on 2003 Honda Element

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I've got a 2003 Element with 90k miles on it. I've recently developed some serious suspension issues and gremlins. I figured the struts were dead after 60k-ish, so I replaced the whole set. I also replaced the rear diff fluid and some noise disappeared. I got a marginally better ride, but still bad bumps. It also has since then developed a shimmy in the front tires on acceleration from a stop. It seems to creak too from the front drivers side. Now I'm not too sure if the struts were indeed bad, and $700 later at that, so I'd like to ask for suggestions moving forward.
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A really good physical inspection by a really good front end steering and suspension tech will really help you out. Things like you describe are not terribly difficult to figure out and resolve provided a qualified tech looks in the right places. Compliance bushings can be worn, loose components could be present.
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