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Q: suspension rattle (fr. right) on 2003 Nissan Altima

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i replaced the control arm,struts,strut mount&bearings,inspected the wheel bearing.. it was good! i get a rattle from the front right wheel assembly, even with very little effort. it sounds so much like the ball joint or bad strut. i was convinced i got a bad strut, brought it part back and got a new one (KYB GR-2)still the rattle lives! the inner tie rods could be replaced, but the rattle happens so easily like how can i not find the worn part. its killing me.i want to replace the axle but its not the classic clicking when turning. if i tap the gas enough to get wheel spin it makes the rattle.i did buy the control arm from a used parts dealer, before i installed it i checked to ensure the ball joint was still tight. again, it makes the rattle at low speeds, at like 40mph or higher it all seems tight. what comes to mind is the cv joint. at higher volocity it goes away. i slow down... rattle ratttle HELP.. im ready to get rid of the car at this point. oh, ive been a gear head since i was 14. im pretty mechanically inclined , so ive check the obvious.
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This sounds like a strut bearing noise, it is a very annoying rattling type of sound. When struts are replaced, the strut bearings should replaced as well. Also, make SURE that they are indexed correctly or even new bearings will rattle.
i changed the strut mounts and bearings, the side that is rattling, i changed twice thinking i got a bad strut. what do you mean indexed? the orientation only allows it to be installed one way. due to the three bolt pattern being different spacing. there is an "F" wich i assume is for front and it says "OUT" on the top of the strut mount. like i said, im very good with auto mechanics and this is killing me. i want to mount a video recorder under there to try to see what is moving... thank you for thr feedback..
Sounds like maybe the sway bar bushings are worn out. You don't mention them but thay are a typical cause for a rattle, pretty loud, too. My truck has worn out swaybar bushings and it sounds like jingle bells on any bump. I should fix those, I guess..
Good answer, too, dandd..
the sway bar runs underneith my stearing rack . then there is an idle arm type linkage that connects to the strut , i checked the connection at the strut mount part as well as the connection to the end of the sway bar. looks good, couldnt move it when i pulled on it. but what about the bushing that holds the sway bar to the body? i cant see any play but when it rattles the passenger can feel it undernieth thier feet, ill double check that, oh what possition should the car be jacked up at to ensure there is no tension on the connection A= jack it up from the body to let the suspension hang or B= jack it up from the bottom of the control arm, to simulate still being on the ground? ....thanks man
Were the motor mounts bad? I'm having the exact same problem. Nothing feels loose and the front right side rattles between 30 and 50 mph while going even the smallest bumps.
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