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Q: suspension problem in rear air bags on 2000 Lincoln Town Car

I OWN A 2000 LINCOLN TOWN CAR.I HAVW 66,000 MILES ON IT.IT HAS HAD ALOT OF PROBLEMS WIT REAR SUSPENSION.THE SERVICE CENTER DOESNT KNOW HOW TO FIX CARI HAVE CHANGED ALL FRONT END PARTS.I HAD A NEW MODULATOR PUT IN LAST MONTH AND IT STILL IS LOWER IN BACK OF CAR THATN FRONT,SO I HAD AIR BAGS CHANGED LAST WEEK AND IT IS STILL 27 " IN BACK END FROM TIRE TOP FENDER TO GROUND.AND IS 29 " INFRONT?I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO ANY MORE I AHD ALL SENSORS CHANGED IN BACK EVEN HOESE TO AIR SUSUPENSION.BUT WHEN I START THE CAR THE COMPRESSOR CAMES ON FOR 20 seconds and when i drive it the car starts lowering at excattly 20 miles then i start feeeling the rd bumps really bad.and if i let it sit and cool it will be good again foe 20 miles then drop down.what is wrong with i this car.i have vchanged everything except air commpreesor.could that be whats wrong.when the car drops in rear it starts shaking as ready to get rid of it ecause of it.its a beautiful flawless car with all options you think air comp. is bad and is shutting of when it overs heats??help me i have poured over 3,000 into this car in a yr.and they have screwed me over because they dont knoweither so they are guessingand there are no codes or even check suspension light on (nothing) pops upso i think its compressor or someone tole me there is a pivot sensor on top of rear axle that is off and crompressor thinks its high enough and shuts down before it fills up??thanks desparate in is my email...
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That's a common problem with lincoln is the air bag system, The best advice I can give is to convert it over. They sell kits to do it at a fraction of the cost it would take to keep the air bag system here's 2 web site2 you can check out or to get pricing on the conversion kit.
I so prefer Strutmasters over Rockauto. One simple fact is the staff at Strutmasters answered any questions that I had with no hesitation at all. Their prices are better too.
I like the fact that their products are all made in the United States and they are backed by a lifetime warranty.

Strutmasters fixed my ride!!!
Hi... Im sorry you are having a hard tme with your car. I had a Town Car too. And just like you I spent a lot of money on it without fixing it. I finally gave up and gave in to my wife... she said "Call" I had seen them everywhere and so I finally called them.

I must say that Im so glad I did. I got a non air conversion kit for my ride! NO MORE AIR!! I love the way my car rides and I love the price I paid. I'll tell you its a whole lot cheaper than that air your putting on there.

Give them a call and they will help you get the right kit for your vehicle. :)

I have a 2000 Lincoln Town Car and noticed the rear air bags was leaking. After I spent TONS of money on a compressor and a airbag, and it still didn't fix the problem. I knew it had to be something else wrong with it. My wife got online and found a website called and found a conversion kit that total eliminated the air and fixed my problem permanently. I saved a whole bunch of money than what i would have paid for one air bag. ALSO COMES WITH A LIFETIME WARRANTY. YOU CANT BEAT THAT!
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