Q: "Suspension Fault Normal Height Only" in the message center on the dahboard on 2006 Land Rover LR3

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I own a 2006 LR3 but i recently noticed a warning (amber) on the dash which says " Suspension fault Normal Height only" showing intermitently. what should i do?
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I just bought a used LR3 V6 yesterday. I also had the same amber light and suspension fault, normal height only. Even had the radio stopped working. I said to myself oh oh. LR quirkiness here we go.
Anyway , all I did was check the battery terminals to see if anything is loose. Sure enough the positive post is loose. I removed it and waited a few seconds then reinstalled the positive battery clamp in the + post.
Viola everything operated and the fault message disappeared .
We took it for a spin and just love the LR3.
Hi, everyone!
I own a LR3 2006 HSE, recently showed an amber light with a warning message on the dashboard about a suspension fault where only can drive on normal height mode. The car was scanned and these are all the fault codes found: U0122, U0402, U0418, U0421.
Please, could you help me to identify where is the problem and how to fix it?
The amber light appear just after the reparation of the air compressor (just was changed the complete compressor repair kit)

Thanks in advance!
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