Q: suspension. on 2005 Toyota Camry

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When car is at a stop and you accelerate the steering wheel pulls to the right and if I dont hold it I will ram into vehicle beside me.steering column also has knocking noise.air pressure and tires good with recent alignment done also
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There is something loose in the steering and/or suspension. This car is dangerous and you need to get it to a shop today, before you hurt yourself of someone else. Here are some nearby shops, get it in there soon:
Sadly to say I took my car to the mechanic shop and of course he said since my car has only 20,000 miles on it that there is nothing wrong with it.Sounds like the president of toyota,huh!!!!
My car has only 40,000 mi on it and I've already had to replace the lower arm (will need to replace the entire rack & pinion eventually) and all four stock shocks. That's what driving in NYC will do to this car. The Camry has a comfy soft suspension and steering, but those two systems are the weakest parts of the car (except the paint of course.) Depending on how you drive, 20,000 miles in the Bronx sounds like it's completely possible to have a suspension/steering issue. Take it to another mechanic, soon.