Q: Surpentine belt froze up, Van died. Then engine wouldn't restart. on 1993 Ford E-250

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I took off belt and everything turned freely except the air pump pulley. Van restarted w/o belt but then battery died because the alternator wasn't being turned and electric fuel pump was failing also because of low battery. Do you think if I change out air pump it will make that pulley free up again?
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Yes it should and make sure you replace the belt. While doing work charge the battery so you do not overwork the alternator when restart. Alternators are designed to maintain a charge and keep ignition circuits and accessory circuits up not to be battery chargers
Yep, it did work...The air pump wasn't as easy to get off as Chiltons said...the retention bolts that mounted the pump were both different. One was sleeved. We put the battery on a trickle charge while changing out the pump. It was over 90% charged & started fine.
Thank you for the quick response. You answered before we got the new one put on.