Q: Supercharger Belt Came aloose & pulley not turning. Help.... on 1996 Buick Park Avenue

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My 1996 Buick Park Avenue Supercharger belt came off and pulley is not turning either. Could this possibly mean that my Supercharger is broken and is it okay to cut the belt off and drive it with the Supercharger broken reason is becasue i am poor and dont have any money but to take the kids to school. Super Emergency someone please respond.
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Will the pulley turn by hand? If not then you will need a rebuilt supercharger. If the belt just came off then check all the pulleys to make sure they turn freely without any binding. If all is okay then you most likely need a new belt tensioner. Once they loose the ability to keep the belt tight you loose the belt. Good luck. Call us if you still need help. (707)643-7548
What if the supercharger only rotates one way?
My car dont turn on and i check and the supercharger pulley wont turn
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