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Q: Sunroof issues on 2002 Mercury Cougar

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My sunroof decided one day that it would not close. We ripped down the headliner, and couldn't see anything visibly wrong with the assembly. I'm afraid to try to even vent my sunroof, for fear it will get stuck (the car sits oustide). Is there an easy fix I can look for to fix this? Or will I be stuck with trial and error, and maybe replacing the assembly?
You must have gotten it closed in the meantime, yes?

Basically, you have a switch that could have failed (which would be the best case scenario, since it's less expensive, and ultimately the wire could be jumped to get it closed), your motor could be failing (most likely), or the track could be binding.

You have to check for power and ground and for motor draw. Make sure there are no restrictions on the track.
I guess it would help if I told you that the motor works fine, and it seems as though the track is bound up or something. There were no restrictions on the track though, so I'm baffled! We managed to close it manually. Took the entire assembly out (the car had to be left inside for a day or so), ripped out the headliner, pulled the entire sunroof off and assembly out of the roof to look at the track. Eventually we got the little legs un stuck and were able to reinstall the sunroof assembly in the closed position. I haven't tried to open it since. I haven't found a track assembly anywhere to replace mine, and was hoping for an easier fix than that. :(
I had seen track failures on these vehicles when the car was new, so i'm not terribly surprised. They are pricy and probably scarce at this time. And I don't know of any way of repairing it, unfortunately. Sorry!
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