Q: sunroof doesn't work on 2002 Volvo S60

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fuses and switch are good. when swith is engaged, i can't her the motor trying to open the roof. does this model have a common recurrent roof problem?
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There is a control module that operates the sunroof, as well as the dome lights on the switch panel. I've seen these modules act up, and when they do, you'll lose the dome lights as well, are your dome lights working?
Yeah, you cannot return electrical parts once they have been plugged in. You cant try disconnecting the sunroof motor and check the power and ground signals to the motor when operating the switch.
the domes operate and i've isolated the control module. it retails for 175.00. my only other concern is the motor. unfortunately they won't lend you parts to isolate the issue.
the keyless system can also disengage the sunroof--I've done it accidentially a couple of times--it comes from hitting the keyless inside the car--check out the section
My Sunroof was stuck open, and trunk lid would not open manually!
I tried the Keyless remote on and off a few times, and it cured the problem, appears to have "reset" system!
Now works fine.
Reseting with the keyless entry from the key chain (lock and unlock a couple of times) works!! Simple solution, great info guys/gals thanks for sharing.