Q: sunroof on 2003 Jaguar XJ8

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Hi guys, I cant get my sunroof to close, and I cant find my owners manual either.
Any ideas for the sunroof?
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Hey randy,
Sunroofs can be tricky, they have a lot of moving parts and have a tendency to break those parts. If you can hear the sunroof motor operating but the roof is not moving, or it sounds like it's binding, then something may be broken. If you don't hear the motor, then the switch or motor may be bad. Don't forget to check the fuses too.
I would try this site to see if there is a manual over rode for your sunroof.
Thanks guys! I managed to find the manual, under the sunglasses holder where the switch is is a screw that I took out to remove that whole assembly. From there I was able to take a flathead screwdriver and manually close the sunroof, after I unplugged the motor. I think that the switch is stuck in the open position. Weird things is, it opened up by itself when I wasnt around. thanks again for the replies!