Q: suddenly just died. getting spark and fuel.just changed cam sensor but nothing on 2001 Kia Spectra

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this is the first time this happen. had it plugged up to the computer and said cam sensor, changed it but still wont start. the car is getting fuel and sparks. can anyone please help
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IF you are sure it has PROPER SPARK and FUEL PRESSURE, unplug the throttle position sensor (TPS) and try to start. Possible stuck sensor causing a no injector pulse condition. Possible!!
will try doing it but do u think it could be a crank sensor as well. timing belt is good
That is possible also, a good scanner sure would be handy!
Well i dont know what happened there, new tablet!
i put a light wire tester on the crank sensor wire and seems like there's no poss power coming. is there always suppose to be poss wire on every sensor? the timing is my last choice but i really dont thing its the timing
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